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Eight stories brimful with natural magic, a sense of wonder, and a richly nourishing message of hope.’

Pippa Grace, author and artist at

A new collection of original tales inspired by the turning of the seasonal Wheel of the Year. Each story evokes the magic and folklore of British and Irish seasonal festivals with ‘lucid and delicate prose’, weaving fairytale, nature writing and modern storytelling.

These multi-layered and intriguing tales are filled with our reciprocal relationship with Naturea reminder of our deeper connections with Nature and the cycles of the year.’

Glennie Kindred, author of Sacred Earth Celebrations & Walking With Trees

For everyone who feels the power of kinship between all things – human and more-than-human – or anyone who would like to!

Nature lovers, be drawn towards a deeper kinship with the world and inspired to take notice of how the world changes with each turn of the season… andhow you might turn with it.

I’m Keli.

I write stories and non-fiction inspired by hills, moors and trees, the wildness of my back garden, being a mother and climate-conscious human, folk traditions and pagan spirituality.

I am an animist, a queer person, and a holder of space and community.

I’m really glad you are here

so much folklore is presented in a very binarised way in terms of gender, and it’s refreshing to see that challenged here but with the lightest of touches.’

Lottie Randomly, facilitator and activist

Rooted in British and Irish folk festivals and traditions, these stories bring a modern twist to ancient ideas.

The line between human and other is sometimes blurred, along with gendered roles and expectations. Characters come in all genders, including non-binary, allowing everyone to find themselves in these pages.

a magical interweaving of the seasonal flow, the turning of the Wheel of the Year and each of the eight Earth Festivals. They will make your heart smile, and your understanding of the transformational magic held within each festival expand.

Glennie Kindred

Perfect for Pagan families looking to introduce the Wheel of the Year to their children without prescribing a specific path or tradition. Let these stories plant the seeds of ideas, and watch them bloom into new traditions to share and grow with your family year after year.

I did not expect this little book to have such an effect on me. It threw me back in time, to when I explored the woods and tree-banks, sat singing with the birds and generally being a ‘learner Pagan’ as so many of us were!

This book absolutely deserves to be shared widely, and returned to often with the love of a child for the wild world just a step outside our doors. Highly recommended.’

Cat Treadwell, Pagan priest and author

Pagan folks! Whether you’re new to the path or you’ve been walking yours for years, these stories are a great addition to your library.

Walk the Wheel of the Year with new eyes, a new consideration for the transformational magic that lies at the heart of each festival.

Meet the Illustrator – Michelle Shore

“With my artwork I try to find a way to tell a story, capture a mood, a sense of place or a little piece of magic.”

As an illustrator, drawing is my first love and I believe that drawing skills are the foundation for any artist. Drawing essentially teaches us how to really look and really see. Once you understand the basic techiques you can let your imagination run wild, which is why every work of art is unique to ourselves. I believe that everyone is creative, and art gives us a means of tapping into our inner creative selves.

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