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For Walk The Wheel – tales of the turning seasons

Each of these beautifully written, delightful, and uplifting tales is an invitation to step into another world, alive with the magic of fairy-tale. Multi-layered and intriguing…filled with our reciprocal relationship with Nature; with the power of kindness, generosity and sharing; with gratitude, bravery, honour, and friendship. They are a reminder of our deeper connections with Nature and the cycles of the year.

Filled with the unexpected, these tales transcend the boundaries between the worlds, between young and old, past and present. They create a magical interweaving of the seasonal flow, the turning of the Wheel of the Year and each of the eight Earth Festivals. They will make your heart smile, and your understanding of the transformational magic held within each festival expand. I loved them all!

Glennie Kindred
artist & author of Sacred Earth Celebrations and Walking With Trees

I want to read these soul-warming stories out loud for everyone who will listen, and you should listen! This collection is filled with luminous tales that tingle with longing for a world centred around the woods, the fields, the streams and the hills. Live amongst the words and the magic as Tomlin weaves us through the cycle of the year.
Eleanor Cheetham editor & author at Creative Countryside

‘Walk the Wheel’ is a beautiful book of stories, each focusing on the Pagan festivals that make up the Wheel of the Year. I did not expect this little book to have such an effect on me. It threw me back in time, to when I explored the woods and tree-banks, sat singing with the birds and generally being a ‘learner Pagan’ as so many of us were!

The stories are beautiful. Every character is immediately endearing, and I’d love to see these told perhaps in theatre form, or even animated. This book absolutely deserves to be shared widely, and returned to often with the love of a child for the wild world just a step outside our doors. Highly recommended.

Cat Treadwell, Pagan Priest & author

When I had the pleasure of reading a draft of Walk the Wheel, I knew with certainty that I wanted to celebrate these tales and make sure you know what a treat you are in for when you delve into these pages.  As a fellow celebrant, writer and folk practitioner, I have always been enamoured by Keli’s delicate use of words and their ability to make the old festivals featured here feel deeply relevant to today. Keli deftly honours the past, drawing from traditional lore, whilst reimagining how these tales of the seasons might unfold for a new generation… So please savour these stories. Walk this wheel intentionally. These words want to be read out loud around a fire; told as bedtime stories to wriggly kids who need a dose of magic before slumber or to be quietly contemplated as you nestle into the sofa on a Sunday afternoon. Let them comfort you; wrapping you up in their wonder.

Lottie Randomly, funeral celebrant, folk practitioner, writer and educator.

Walk the Wheel is a delightful collection of stories by author Keli Tomlin. These are stories that wonderfully reflect the changing seasons. While these stories will resonate with Pagans they will also be suitable for those who love nature or traditional story telling. 

The stories will be perfect to share with children but I also plan to incorporate the seasonal readings within adult circles I facilitate. [They] beautifully remind us of our connection with the natural world and how being part of nature can help with our own emotional healing and wellbeing. As someone who works in conservation, stories that connect us with nature are needed more than ever with the current climate crisis that we’re facing. Keli is building a real community behind the book and I look forward to seeing both grow and develop.

Jenny Luddington, host of The Wheel Podcast