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Earth Pathways Diary 2025


These beautiful diaries deepen your relationship with the seasonal year through inspiring art, photography, poetry, and prose.


Created by the fantastic Earth Pathways Collective, this diary is a work of love and beauty. They are a gateway to a more intimate relationship with the land. You can explore Moon cycles and phases, mark seasonal Earth festivals and build connections with a positive movement for change.

Each page of the diary is accompanied by original artwork and writings inspired by environmentally-conscious creatives, thinkers and activists from the UK and beyond.

The perfect companion for walking the Wheel of the Year


I have contributed to these wonderful diaries for over a decade. In 2025, I am proud to be their featured Festival Writer. My writings will accompany beautiful mandala artworks by Avalana Levemark, for special pages on each of the eight festivals on the Wheel of the Year.


EARTH PATHWAYS is a small green co-operative, passionate about Earth-care, fair-share and a more sustainable, equitable future for all. They advocate unashamedly on behalf of the Earth and print in the UK using sustainable materials and methods.


NOTE: I order these items in response to demand and will be sent out as soon as they arrive, no later than late August 2024.

Weight 0.315 kg
Dimensions 20 × 13 × 0.07 cm


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